Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Calvin's Tracts and Letters

This year marks the 500th anniversary of John Calvin. In honor of this anniversary many resources, articles and conferences have been made available. Among those resources is a 7 volume set of Tracts and Letters written by or to John Calvin in the 16th Century. Here is Christian Book Distributor's description of the set:

Long unavailable, this collection of Calvin's tracts and letters will delight those who admire the great 16th-century reformer. Three volumes of tracts offer insight into Calvin's thought on a range of thorny issues, including his disagreements with Rome. Four volumes of letters document his correspondence with kings, princes, friends, fellow reformers, and common people. Seven hardcovers, from Banner of Truth.
I am pretty excited about these being made available and look forward to reading them. Click on the cover of the book to check out CBD's price for this set. The 7 volumes can also be purchased alongside of Calvin's Commentaries and Institutes for a VERY reasonable price. This is quite an opportunity for those who have an interest in Calvin's long-enduring effect on the Church.