Friday, November 13, 2009

Arise And Illuminate

Here's an attempt I made at writing a hymn a couple years ago. The lyrics are inspired by Isaiah 60:1-3 and Colossians 3:1-3. I thought I had written a 4th verse but I think I didn't finish it and thus can't find it. My plan for the fourth verse was to have content in it inspired by John 17, one of my favorite chapters in the Bible.

Arise, O’ heart of mine, from muck and mire and woe
Be done with worthless earthly things and hurry to the throne
For you have died and in him rest who dwells at His right hand
And there with Christ in heaven above you do already stand.

Arise, O’ sleeping flame, ignited by His call
From ash and dust burst forth again fed by the All in All
Shine brightly now upon a stand for everyone to show,
The glory of sufficient grace and heights within the lows.

Illuminate, O’ child of God, Christ’s radiance display
With unveiled face be now transformed into the light of day.

Though darkness reign o’er all the earth have faith and be not shocked
If all the nations of the earth and kings to you do flock.