Friday, November 27, 2009

Copying and Journaling the Scriptures With the 17:18 Series From RHB

Early on in my new life in Christ I had started the practice of copying large portions of Scripture for the sake of study, meditation, memorization and devotion. At first I did this on simple notebook paper and kept the copies and notes in a three-ring-binder. This system never worked too well as when I wrote on the pages they would begin to tear from the binder. I then moved to regular notebooks, but found this to be cumbersome and eventually stopped the practice altogether though I had found it to be extremely helpful.

A couple of days ago I received the new catalog from Reformation Heritage Books in which I found a product that will, much to my delight, enable me to restart this old practice of copying and taking notes on the Scriptures. RHB now offers hard-cover, journal like books designed specifically for copying and taking notes on whole books of the Bible called The 17:18 Series. Here is their description of the formatting of the books:

Each book is organized so that you can write out your very own copy of Scripture.You will be writing the Bible text only on the right hand page of the book. This should make for easier writing and also allows ample space on the left page to write your own notes and comments. From time to time a question or word will be lightly printed on the left page; these questions are to aid in further study, but should not interfere with your own notes and comments.
Each book is very nicely labeled on the outside for easy storage and retrieval on any bookshelf. Right now you can purchase the Proverbs volume or the Galatians through Thessalonians volume for only $10 each! The catalog also shows that you can purchase volumes for John, Romans, 1 Timothy-Hebrews and James-Jude.

I highly recommend this resource and look forward to using it myself to the glory of God! I also think this would be a great thing to leave to your children someday if you have them.