Wednesday, July 21, 2010

10 Good and Bad Reasons to Become a Missionary

Bad Reasons:

  1. You want people to think you are adventurous, courageous and noble
  2. You are afraid of sharing the gospel with people of your own culture
  3. You want to “civilize” other cultures, especially according to your own civilization
  4. You have tried other things and don’t know what else to do
  5. You think it will finally bring you the satisfaction and peace you have been looking for
  6. Your parents were missionaries and you want to carry on the family business
  7. You want to see the world
  8. Your church is a really missional church and you don’t want to look unspiritual for not doing what everyone else is doing
  9. You like to build buildings for people
  10. You think it will make you righteous before God

Good Reasons:

  1. You adore God with all your heart and are consumed by a desire to spread His glory to all peoples
  2. You love sharing the gospel with the unbelievers around you and would like to do the same in another culture
  3. You want to see God bring repentance and saving faith to a culture that is as wayward as your own
  4. You have an overwhelming burden to preach the gospel and share God’s love in another country and friends who are mature in the Lord discern the same path for you
  5. You have such joy and satisfaction in knowing Jesus that it can’t help but overflow in service to the lost around the world
  6. God used your missionary parents to birth a love in you for God’s un-preached elect around the world
  7. You want to see the world filled with God’s joy and glory
  8. Your missional church has convicted you that your fear and self-centeredness is causing you to avoid your call to the missions field
  9. You like to build discipling churches that teach and equip their own people for various services
  10. You are right before God because of Christ and want to share this same extravagant truth with others