Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Soul Waits Only for My Exceeding Joy and My Expectation

I picked up a great little book for $1 recently; the words in it are worth far more. I traded a small sheet of paper for an entire mountain range of gold and precious gems. Trade whatever you have to hold to the truths below from Andrew Murray's Waiting On God:

"It is possible to be waiting continually on God, but not only upon Him. There may be other secret confidences intervening, and preventing the blessing that was expected. And so the word only must come to throw its light on the path to the fullness and certainty of blessing. 'My soul, wait thou only upon God...He only is my rock.'


"Yes, 'My soul, wait thou only upon God.' Beware of two great enemies--the world and self. Beware lest any earthly satisfaction or enjoyment, however innocent it appears, keep you back from saying, 'I will go to God, MY EXCEEDING JOY.' Remember and study what Jesus says about denying self, 'Let a man deny himself.' Tersteegen says: 'The saints deny themselves in everything.' Pleasing self in little things may be strengthening it to assert itself in greater things. 'My soul, wait thou only upon God'; let Him be all your salvation and all your desire.

Say continually and with an undivided heart: 'From him cometh MY EXPECTATION. He only is my Rock; I shall not be moved.' Whatever be your spiritual or temporal need, whatever the desire or prayer of your heart, whatever your interest in connection with God's work in the Church or the world--in solitude or in the rush of the world, in public worship or other gatherings of the saints, 'My soul, wait thou only upon God.' Let your expectations be from Him alone. 'He only is my [thy] rock.'

'My soul, wait thou only upon God.' Never forget the two foundation truths on which this blessed waiting rests. If ever you are inclined to think this 'waiting' too hard or too high, they will recall you at once. They are: your absolute helplessness; the absolute sufficiency of your God. Oh, enter deep into the entire sinfulness of all that is of self, and think not of letting self have aught to say one single moment. Enter deep into your utter and unceasing impotence ever to change what is evil in you, or to bring for anything that is spiritually good. Enter deep into your relation of dependance as creature on God, to receive from Him every moment what He gives. Enter still deeper into His covenant of redemption, with His promise to restore more gloriously than ever what you have lost, and by His Son and Spirit to give within you unceasingly, His actual divine presence and power. And thus wait upon God continually and only.

'My soul, wait thou only upon God.' No words can tell, no heart conceive, the riches of the glory of this mystery of the Father and of Christ. Our God, in the infinite tenderness and omnipotence of His love, waits to be our life and joy. Oh, my soul, let it be no longer needed that I repeat the word, 'Wait upon God,' but let all that is in me rise and sing: 'Truly my soul waiteth upon God. On thee do I wait all the day.'